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This Portal is Great
best foreign exchange student program
Hello everyone:
We have had several student exchanges with this website. The last one was with a girl from Ireland that will visit us this June. I think that this page is great and dynamic. It is a fantastic way to put in contact different families of different countries that want the same goals. Thanks a lot for your work
Blanca, May 2013
Thank you!
student programs without scholarships
We found the website to be great! Within 3 days of signing up, my daughter had found a compatible family in Spain. She is there now and seems to be really happy. So thanks for the efficiency and clarity, that the website provided, we are delighted with the results. Regards, Patricia (June 2010)
12 months Flat Fee

only 9,99 Euros (or the equivalent in $ or £ or any other currency) !

foreign student exchange for international student exchange with real host families for high school students - best of all foreign exchange student programs for international student exchange
Only 9,99 € for the flat-fee! You have unlimited opportunities until Dec 31st 2016 to plan your next summer - fall - winter - or spring vacation! International holidays worldwide staying with real families as a member in this foreign exchange student program!
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high school exchange student program for vacation and holiday travel

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Foreign Exchange Student Programs for High School Students | International Student Exchange Program | Holiday and Vacation Foreign Youth Travel to go Overseas | no Scholarships needed

Foreign International Vacation Travel made super-easy: I visit you and You visit me!

International youth high school travel program at its best! Plan your next vacation now! Improve your language skills! Empower your self-esteem and travel the world
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Flat Fee  international travel:   contact  as  many  families as you like!

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Foreign exchange programs for high school students: Lowest  Cost!

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Summer Language Training, Vacation, Youth Travel - plan your HOLIDAY:

1. Click on the moving photos to see ALL foreign host families

Families from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, UK, USA, etc.

2. Upload YOUR family profile and join as a free or a full member!

3. Contact the host families you like - find the perfect match - and off you go!

High School Youth Program - no scholarships needed. Global youth travel program: plan your next holiday, plan your next vacation, best of all foreign exchange student programs for high school students! Go to Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Japan, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, South America, Asia...

FUN ++ FAST ++ EASY ++ GLOBAL ++ BEST Safer Travel: I visit you - you visit me

Vacation and holiday  student exchange programs now super-easy!

Are you planning your next international summer vacation?

Are you tired of summer camp programs?

Are you looking for a friendly foreign host family?

You want to travel  for 1 week, 2 weeks,
1 month or longer?

You want to save money and can't be bothered with scholarships?

You want to visit many countries?

Are you looking for short-term foreign exchange student programs for high school students and your school offers no international student exchange programs?

You want to be part of foreign exchange programs for high school students?

You want a international vacation?

You want a do-it-yourself program?


=> then you have come to the right place!


Here you will find host families from all over the world!
You will have fun, because this is easy!

Find a home away from home!

Save hundreds, save thousands of € / $ / £
by arranging your trips yourself!

Experience new cultures and foreign countries! Also short term!

Best of all international exchange student programs: go on holiday now!

Spend your summer vacation abroad with this international youth travel program. Scholarships no longer needed!

Make new friends for life!

Your portal for global teenage travel. Better than summer camp: Foreign Youth Travel! No need for scholarships programs!

Use your vacation - travel the world!
lowest cost private vacation for high school student exchange without scholarships
Click here to view all exchange student families

Would you like to narrow your search for your next host family? Go to the top of this page and move your mouse over "Find a Family": there you pick your choice for a more detailed selection.

Of all programs this is the best low cost foreign exchange student program for high school students who want to go overseas without need for scholarships! This is the easiest do-it-yourself program.

Currently …323… families waiting for you (13 full members)!





New: Flat Fee

Simply the BEST! ...and different from all other foreign exchange student programs for high-school students!

What is a flat fee program?

For a small flat fee (so small that you will not need any scholarships) you can contact as many other Full Member families as you like. You arrange the foreign exchange yourself and save the costs for an agency! With our 1-year Full Membership flat fee the whole family (older and younger teenagers) can take advantage of the portal for years to come! You can arrange many different trips to various overseas countries. Or you can arrange a family-hopping and travel to England first, then visit France and Spain all in one summer. This is even better than regular scholarship programmes, because you arrange your own stay, with our without visiting a high school.

You want to take no risk?

Then join as a free member by simply up-loading your profile for FREE. When other families (full members) add you to their hotlist you will receive a notification that they might be interested in an exchange with you.  You can then subscribe to our flat fee Full Membership if you like to contact them. Find your own host family now!

Join now - upload your profile and watch more and more host families join this site every month, providing better education for their high school teenagers!

...and last but not least: please contact us if you have any questions!

This is the best of all private international Low Cost Programs!

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