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INTERVIEW GUIDELINE (FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY, copyright owner: Best Exchange Student Ltd.)

Some ideas to help you learn more about the other family...


These questions can be used for asking in e-mails as well as on the phone, but when making a phone call,
please be aware:

- double check time-zones before calling, to avoid a call at "midnight"

- be prepared: the family you call might just be on their way out of the door,
   and has no time for a phone call at that moment
              =>  It is best to ask if they currently have a little bit of time to talk or
                    ask for a better time slot and call back later

- be prepared: the family you call might not be fluent in English or your own language

First of all volunteer information about yourself and then do not ask questions you would not want to be asked!




  • We saw your profile on Best eXchange Student, but perhaps you can tell us a little more about your family?
  • What do your children do after school?
  • What does a "normal week" at your home look like?
  • Describe family activities your family does...
  • Did you have exchange students before?
  • References: can we talk to people who know you for reference?
    (e.g. former exchange students, neighbors, friends from the teenager, church members)


School (if a school visit is planned at all)

  • To which school would our child go if it stays with you?
  • How far is the school from your home? How would our child get there?
  • Do your children go to the same school?
  • How long is school?
  • Do students need to wear a school uniform?
  • Could you please give us the phone number of the school, so that
    we can inquire with the school, if they take exchange students and undre
    which condidtions? ..or could you perhaps help us with this and ask?


Exchange Details

  • Would your child like to come to our country / city?
  • Would you like to exchange in parallel or one after the other?
  • How long would your child like to stay?
  • How long can our child stay with you?
  • We might need a visa, do you have any information for us on that topic?
  • Would there be any expenses for us? (e.g. school fees or other expenses)

Home & Living

  • Will our child have a room for her- / himself?
  • Which rules will our child have to obey to?
  • Are there any eating restrictions your family has?
  • When your child comes to us: what do we need to know or take into consideration?
  • Will there be grown-up supervision when the students come home from school?
  • Will our child participate in family activities? ...also on weekends?
  • How about church and going to church?
  • What kind of housework is my child expected to help with?
  • Would it be o.k. if we visited your family upfront to get to know each other better?
  • Would it be o.k. to start off with a "1-weekend-only" exchange, to see if an exchange would work out?


Always remember to thank the other family for taking time to talk with you and give them enough time and room during the call to also ask questions. The better you get to know the other family the smoother the exchange will go! So take your time and exchange many e-mails, have many conversations and  visit upfront if possible.

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